Arabs Got Talent 2 - 7th Episode

Maxim singing Opera

Last Friday, 8 contestants performed again for the panel of judges and the audience on Arabs Got Talent 2.
What makes this phase of the show interesting is that each episode is broadcast LIVE and the audience gets to pick the contestants moving on to the next round!
The first 8 contestants tries to impress the audience with more of their talents and skills and get the highest number of votes.

So, the two contestants that moved on to the 3rd round were Lebanese Opera singer Maxim Al Shami and Egyptian Acrobat Hussein Rasmi.

Next week, another 8 contestants will perform and only two will move up to the 3rd round.
Those talents are:

- Mohammad Sayahin from Jordan. The dude can really count the letters in any given sentence read to him!
- Ahmad Letriki from Tunis. This boy's got an amazing talent for playing the drums!
- Ammar Al Khudairi from Yemen. This football player has a knack for making the ball do any trick he likes!
- Haspop from Morocco. Is he the most talented Hip Hop dancer in the Arab world?
- Lahbab Family from Morocco. They do their own unique Hip Hop act ... are they more talented than Haspop?
- Manal Mlat from Lebanon. She's got a golden voice and sings just as good as Celine Dion ... or does she?
- Mohammad Al Beh from Egypt. Is pit boxing really an amazing talent? This guy makes it seems so.
- Mohammad Al Jumaili from Saudi Arabia. This dude does stand up comedy and is actually pretty funny ... and that's not easy!

Who will you vote for? Who deserves to go up another level?

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