Arabs Got Talent 2 - 6th Episode

Shama Hamdan

The 6th episode of Arabs Got Talent last Friday ended the first round of the program and paved the way to the second round; the Semi finals.
The episode was entertaining and very diverse, as usual. It was also a positive change from the 5th episode, thus it was really full of worthy talents and skills.

The first talent that caught my attention and which the judges also loved, was 17-year-old Emarati Shama Hamdan.
This girl has a clean talent of playing the guitar and singing ... simple but beautiful.
She deserves the three "YES" 100%.

Then there was the Super Human, Abdul Mughith Zaitani from Morocco, who has a rubber body that can bend any which way! His limbs move in impossible ways!
Kinda' reminds me of something from a Fantastic 4 movie! No?

What did you think of the episode?
What did you think of Shama's performance?
What did you think of Abdul Mughith .. isn't he amazing?

Later, the judging panel discussed and debated about which 48 talents to move to the next round ... and it was a very difficult task to choose from a whopping and very talented 150 talents!

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