Arabs Got Talent 2 - 4th Episode

Tunisian Radhwan Shilbawi

The 4th episode of Arabs Got Talent was a surprise-filed one indeed!
There were so many diverse talents from all over the Arab world and one in particular cheated death!

Tunisian Radhwan Shilbawi, who's got a talent for Acrobatics, did well until the last minute of his performance when he slipped and fell a few meters and hit his head on the floor and bruised his eye bad!

Another amazing yet dangerous performance was from Moroccan Abdel Hafith Al Mhourak, who calls himself Superman!

Moroccan Taekwondo Troop

I particularly loved the Moroccan Taekwondo troop from Tangiers.
The group are so organized and talented, they amazed me with every move they made.
How original is it, dancing to a tune while doing some serious Taekwondo moves!

I wasn't so much impressed by the Syrian dude who pulled one on the judges and managed to convince then that he doesn't speak good Arabic!
But he did have a certain statement that he wanted to let out into the world and he did. For that I respect him.

What about Kathem Al Saher's nephew?
Saher Al Saher plays the piano and managed to change the judges opinion from a NO to a YES! What did you think of his playing? Should he have moved on to the next phase?

I didn't like the Iraqi dude who Pops and Locks! I thought he didn't really Pop & Lock, could have been much better and much more sophisticated.

What other talents in the 4th episode did you like? ... or Not like for that matter?

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