Arabs Got Talent 2 - 3rd Episode

Bob Look from Jordan

The third episode of Arabs Got Talent was an extremely entertaining one!
It started with Palestinian lawyer and impersonator, Mohammad Attah, who has the most amazing ability to mimic animal sounds!

Then the cutest little sisters from Lebanon, did some classic acrobatics with fabric hanging from the ceiling. Their smiles are even more attractive than the show they put on.

Then came some Rap and Hip Hop acts from Saudi Arabia and Morocco, and then from Jordan came Subhi Masalmeh, a simple and spontaneous man from Jordan who sells corn cobs on a trolley.

The there were some talents from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Morocco and Tunisia.

And there was another participant from Palestine, who does beatboxing.
He was impressive and the judges were very happy with his act.

And then there were those who were not accepted ...
I was particularly entertained by that Jordanian, who makes some noise by hitting black & white bottles with a stick!

What did you think of the 3rd episode of Arabs Got Talent?
Which talent did you like best and which talent made you laugh more?

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