Sofia El Marikh Breast Implants!

Sofia Al Marikh

Moroccan singer and Star Academy 1 graduate Sofia Al Marikh is rumored to have had breast enlargement surgery lately! Her photo backstage during the first prime of Celebrity Duet 2 seems to say so!

Her boobs seem really different than before, they are bigger and, well, Iím going to say it (Sorry fans), ugly!! Sofia, you should sue the doctor that did the surgery for you!

Arab Celebrities boob jobs are common these days. So who cares that Sofia Al Marikh had one! I care and Iím sure many of you out there care, some just enjoy this! And others worry about what kind of influence such celebrities will have on their children!

Anyway, if Sofia really had breast implants, I wish her good luck with that, hopefully she wonít suffer from any neck pain or back painÖ or leaking!! Iím sure many of you Ėgirls- out there know exactly what Iím talking about; sometimes big boobs are as much a burden as a blessing!

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By guest writer Malika

Here is an old photo of Sofia:

Sofia El Marikh Before

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