Bashar is Not a Dictator at All!

Bashar Al-Assad

First of all I can't imagine how could non Syrians say that they are with Syria uprising and they don't really know who Bashar Al-Assad is! Actually only Syrians know why they love Bashar and why are they with him. We saw the changes he has done within these 10 years. And whoever talking about 1980s should know that Bashar is completely different than his father.

Bashar changed so many things in Syria; he opened Syria more, he took it toward secularism, civilized country ...YES we have some needs that should be changed but we still need Bashar. He is the only one for now who is going to improve Syria for a better country.

The whole world should understand and know and realize that Bashar is not dictator at all. And whatever is going on in the media is not 100% accurate. Come and see Syria how peaceful.

We syrians know who these protestors are and what they need! God Bless Syria and all Syrians and our president.

[This comment was posted on the following article"Syrian Uprising, With or Against?!" by someone who chooses to name himself "Syrian and proud to be". We published this comment as a post to share it with everyone and to ask about your opinion, do you agree with the writer point of view? What do you think of what the writer wrote? Have your say!]

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