Ramadan 2011 TV Series - Part 3

Goz Mama Min

- Goz Mama Min? P.2 Hala Sedki returns this Ramadan in the second season of the Egyptian comedy Goz Mama Min, where Hala is still searching for a husband that is fit for her and for her son Waleed. Will she find the right man and finally settle down? To find out, keep up with the series on LBC.

- Telka Alayla, a new drama staring Egyptian actor Hussein Fahmy , Dalia Mustafa and Ezzat Abu Of. The plot focuses on one part of the community that suffers from crime, theft and poverty. The series starts when the wealthy business man played by Hussein Fahmy, returns from France after years of being away from his country. On his return he gets to know more about his neighbor, a young journalist played by Dalia Mustafa. On her new job, she accidentally comes across a piece of old newspaper reporting a crime; a groom getting killed on the night of his wedding and the bride is none other than her late mother. As for the suspect accused of her fatherís death, her new neighbor Hussein Fahmy and her boss and a minister. The journalist reveals a lot of other secrets and reopens the murder case to find the real killer.

- Sabaya 3. The comedy is back for the third year and will discuss more of the life of the girls (Sabaya) in a more funny way and with more Arab stars like Mays Hamdan, Miriam Atallah, Pamela Kirk and for the first time, Lebanese comedian Tony Abu Jawdeh.
What could the Sabaya be up to this Ramadan?

- Maraya 2011. With thirty years of success why stop now? Yasser Al Athma returns to solve problems that face us daily in funny sketches that will teach us a lesson and draw a smile on our faces.

- Akher Khabar. A Lebanese comedy that talks about a rich man from a well known family and the sole heir of a newspaper called "Akher Khabar". The role is played by Lebanese comedian Wissam Sabagh and he's joined by Maya Abu Ghoson.

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