Ramadan 2011 TV Series - Part 1

I know everyone is eager to see what TV series will entertain us this Ramadan here is a list of some of the upcoming series:

Noor Mariam

- Noor Mariam "نور مريم", which stars Nicole Saba and Yousef Al Sharif. Nicole plays the role of Mariam, a heart surgeon with high morals and love for children. Mariam is married to a selfish lawyer played by Yousef Al Sharif. Mariam struggles with her marriage and finally when she files for divorce her husband takes custody of their daughter.

The author of the series, Mrs. Nawal Mustafa, stated that she was shocked when she first got news that the leading role was offered to Saba, but after getting to know the actress/singer, she knew that Nicole was the one for the role.

Noona Al Maazoona

- Noona Al Maazoona "نونة المأذونة". Hanan Al Turk returns to TV as Noona Al Maazoona in a comedy by the same name. After receiving a license to perform weddings, Noona faces a lot of rejection from the community but always manages to get over it and in an attempt to support her daughter, Noona’s mother, the widow Raja Al Jeddawi decides to get married just to allow her daughter to perform the ceremony.
Seems exciting and we all sure need a laugh!

Tash 18

- Tash 18 "طاش". For years and years we have watched and laughed throughout the series of Tash Ma Tash and for my part, I can’t wait to watch it this Ramadan on MBC. The sequel will discuss a lot of the everyday problems that face most of us and in many Arab countries.

- Al Ghaliboun "الغالبون" is a new TV series discussing the journey of the Lebanese resistance "Hezbollah" and will air on Al Manar channel. The series sheds light on Hezbollah's fight against Israel and how they were able to drive them out of Lebanon and free their country. The series honors the resistance and the people of Lebanon and the martyrs who have died for freedom. This is a series I am looking forward to watching, especially that the director Basil Al Khatib assured us that there will be many true stories from the lives of the resistance.

- Mr. Hamouda Al Alamen Abu Mabook Ramadan "رمضان مبروك أبو العلمين حمودة مسيو" is another new series staring Mohammad Hinedi. The story takes us back to the end of his movie alongside Lebanese singer/actress Cyrine Abdel Noor, where the teacher breaks up with the famous singer Mr. Ramadan, who later travels to France where he gets married to a French lady and shortly after meets an Egyptian young woman who changes his life. I loved the film but will I feel the same way about the series?!

- Al Malika "الملكة" is not a series about a queen but about a singer played by Huda Hussein, who was nicknamed "Al Malika". The plot talks about the queen’s life and struggle for fame, the reaction from the society and how the queen lived through the positive and negative effects of fame. The series also discusses the life of her sister played by Intisar Al Sharah, who struggles with her marriage.

- Samara "سمارة", which stars Ghada Abdel Raziq, talks about the life of an Egyptian woman “Samara” a leader of a gang which deals drugs! Samara exploit her beauty and charm to control the drug dealers. More news about Ghada Abdel Raziq and the controversy the series caused in this article: No to Ghada Abdel Razek!

- Shahrora "الشحرورة", which will be broadcast on many channels this Ramadan; more about this series in a further detailed article: Carole Samaha as Sabah this Ramadan

Many more series for many loved stars await us this Ramadan, so stay tuned to Waleg for many more articles about the upcoming Ramadan 2011 TV series.

By Tam

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