Saudi's Make Big Deal Out of Martha Graham Google Logo!

Google Martha Graham

Yesterday was the 117th birthday of American dancer Martha Graham and Google decided to pay tribute to the pioneer by transforming their logo into a dancing animation.
I found it to be beautiful and simple, yet very creative.

Now, some people over in Saudi Arabia over analysed the dancing doodle and found it to be disrespectful of Muslim women wearing the Hijab!!!
They saw the moment where the dancing figure took off the scarf on her head and threw it behind her a call for Muslim women wearing the Hijab to take it off and leave it behind!
Internet users were so annoyed that they asked Google to have respect for the Saudi society and stay away from issues that relate to Saudis!

There are other blogs, that posted responses to the Google logo, featured requests from readers and other bloggers to Google, asking the company apologize, delete the animated doodle and have respect to Muslims, their beliefs and their traditions!

So, I personally think the whole thing was blown out of proportion!
It's just a dancing lady and one should not over analyze things to such an extent!
Just take things as they are, enjoy a creative work of art and move on.
That's the problem with some people, they stay stuck at a certain point and make a big deal out of something so unimportant.
People! Don't over analyze and don't stop at every minute detail.
Move on ... look to the future and try to make a difference in the world by doing something that really counts and contributes to the future of humanity!

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