Nancy Ajram Sings for Egypt

Nancy Ajram for Nissan

Nancy Ajram has been busy recording a song especially for Egypt on the occasion of its revolution.
The song is entitled "Wa7shani ya Masr" and has been filmed under the direction of Fadi Haddad. It's set for release in the coming few days.
This project has delayed Nancy's song "Ya Kether" release but not for long, it'll be on music channels next month.

Nancy also shot an ad for Nissan, where she appears totally pregnant!
The ad is supposed to show that the specific model Nancy is riding is comfortable for pregnant women.
The ad features Nancy's song "Lissa Gaya Aaolo" and was shot in Jordan.

This is not the first time Nancy does a brand ad, she 's already appeared in ads for Coca Cola, Sony Ericsson and Damas Jewelry.

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