Hala Fakher Shows up in Hijab

Hala Fakher

In an unexpected move, the well known Egyptian actress Hala Fakher, showed up at Ahmed Al Sakka’s father memorial service wearing the veil, and when she was asked whether she was wearing it as a sign of respect to the event as it is common in such occasions or has she decided to join her colleagues of veiled actresses, her answer was that she did it for purely religious reasons and with only had God in her mind when she did it.

Hala confirms that wearing the veil does not mean that she is retiring or putting an end to her career, she said that she will continue acting with the veil and that she is already reading some scenarios and haven’t decided yet which one she will do. She also said that she is not worried that her career will be affected by her decision and confirmed again that she did it because she is a God fearing Muslim and that is her priority.

Hala Fakher is well known for her comedy roles in the seventies both in cinema and TV. In recent years; she did more serious roles like Heena Maisara and Kabaret.

By Khalidah

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