Bint Al-Shati' an Outspoken Female in a Conservative Society

Bint Al-Shati

Aisha Abd al-Rahaman is a woman I think that all Arabic females should know about and follow by her example.
Known to many as Bint al-Shati' (بنت الشاطئ), Aisha fought and worked in every way possible to achieve her noble dreams and to send her message to the whole world.

She was born in Dumyat, Egypt, in 1913 to a very religious and conservative family. When she was young her father an Al-Azhar scholar sent her to ‘kuttab’ to study the Quran and at the age of five, she memorized the Quran and many poetry books. With the help of her mother and grandfather Aisha was able to persuade her father to allow her to start primary school, and despite her father’s opposition, Aisha finished high school and went on to university and got her BA in Arabic then went further to achieve her Masters and PHD in the same field.

Aisha first started writing articles for Egyptian’s woman magazines and in order to hide her identity from her father she adopted a pen name ‘Bint Al-Shati’, nevertheless when her father found out he wasn’t disappointed as she expected but was proud and encouraged her to continue writing.

Bint Al-Shati' wrote more than 40 books and has more than 1000 articles under her name. Although she wrote fiction and poetry her books mostly consisted of literally, social and Islamic studies. She covered important topics that are related to the Muslim woman, The Prophet in the light of the women in his life and she rewrote classic Islamic materials in a contemporary style.

Although she didn’t consider herself to be a feminist, Aisha was a passionate supporter of women’s rights and her books are proof of her infatuation to support women. Sadly, she passed away in 1999.

The reason I chose to write about Dr. Aisha Abd Al-Rahman is because she is a woman we should be inspired by. She didn’t just strive to achieve her dreams but even though she had a conservative family she was able to make them see her talent and believe in it. She was one of the first Egyptians to write about rural problems of the country and was the first Muslim woman to interpret and explain the Quran and was an important member of the supreme council for Arts and Literature in Cairo.

No matter what religion you are, having an education should be an option available to you, in the 21st century an education is a must, and achieving ones dreams is a priority. Thanks to women like Dr. Aisha not only can we be inspired to conquer our fears and achieve our dreams but we can also try our best to beat all obstacles.

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