World’s Largest Clock Tower Overshadows Al Kaaba!

Mecca Clock

Saudi Arabia is still trying to break records as they built the world’s largest clock tower in the holy city of Mecca… do I hear applause anywhere. What will the world’s largest clock tower do to humanity? What is the point of spending millions of dollars for a clock? I mean seriously I find nothing appealing about such achievements… how many children can be fed with this money? How many can be educated? Instead they built a clock!

Saudi Arabia Clock Tower

The testing of the Mecca Clock project will begin the first week of Ramadan. It has been developed by engineers from Germany and Switzerland along with a team of specialists from Europe and around the world .The overall height of the clock tower is 601 meters and the clock height from its base to the highest point is 251 meters.

I hope they are very proud with this project because it is doing nothing more than making the world less natural and more planned.

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