Jordanian Lettuce Woman Would Rather Go Naked Than Eat Meat?!

Jordan Lettuce Lady

We've all heard of PETA the animal rights organization that famously managed to get stars like Eva Mendez and Kloe Kardashian to do naked ad campaigns in a 'I would rather go naked' campaign which to date has been very successful in the U.S.A! Now that's all good and well but yesterday a Jordanian woman was arrested after she attempted to walk around 'Rainbow Street' in Jordan wearing nothing but lettuce to cover her body- worse still the woman wears the hijab! The woman was doing this in support of vegetarianism after PETA released statistics yesterday that stated that 120 million animals are killed and eaten in Jordan annually.

I'm all for the principle- if you want to be a vegetarian it's your life choice and I completely respect it. BUT you're an Arab, Muslim woman who has chosen to cover herself for her beliefs and you want to parade yourself in public naked except for lettuce covering your body (which let's face it could fall off quite easily). The 'Lettuce Lady' as the press affectionately named her called for people to switch to vegetarianism as there are no tasty alternatives to meat. It's what she feels passionate about- fine. But why does she have to go out on the streets and offend people to get her point across? Well she got what she wanted: media attention.

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