Jad Choueiri Distracts From His Lack of Talent!

 Jad Choueiri Concert in Morocco

Jad Choueiri has just returned to Lebanon after putting on 2 extremely well attended concerts in Casablanca, Morocco! And as always with any event Jad Choueiri performs at there were extremely attractive backup singers and dancers, advanced lighting and sound and in general what any 'Gleek' would call: theatricality! The problem I have with this is that he tends to over use this element and I think it's simply to distract from the fact that the man cannot sing! He seems to think that wearing leather pants and having Russian dancers behind him people will not listen to his voice- or lack thereof.

Photos from Jad Concerts in Casablanca

Photos Jad Concerts Casablanca

And it seems to be working. His first concert was attended by 40 thousand people and his second by a whopping 70 thousand people- all of whom knew the words to his songs and were reportedly having the time of their lives! He is a performer- I will give him that- but the problem lies in the fact that his songs have no substance or meaning to them and he is void of any sort of talent. I personally would not pay to see Jad in concert

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