Leila Kanaan Scores 2 Murex D'Or

Leila Kanaan at Murex D'Or

Leila Kanaan is making a name for herself as one of the most successful young Lebanese directors in the field today!
It seems this year is Leila's year; after winning an award at the MEMA Awards, she scored two trophies at the Murex D'Or in Lebanon.
Leila won 2 awards for two music videos she directed; Nancy Ajram's "Lamsat Eid" and Haifa's "Baba Fen".*

Congratulations Leila!

Do you believe that the two video clips are worthy of winning an award?

Photos of Leila Kanaan at Murex D'Or 2010

Photos Leila Kanaan Murex D'Or 2010

- Leila Kanaan Wins MEMA Award (With photos)

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