Abu Janti, New Comedy Starring Samer Al Masri

Abu Janti

Syrian comedy has always been the funniest on Arab TV channels and this year, there's another new project scheduled for Ramadan entitled "Abu Janti".
If you've watched the Syrian sketches of "Buqaat Dou" the past two years, would have certainly come across the character of the simple Taxi driver called "Abu Janti".
Well, Abu Janti has become a whole series by himself and not just a character in another series!

The person that came up with the idea of creating a new socio-comedy about the simple Taxi driver is Syrian actor Samer Al Masri.
Samer stars in the series and has written the scenario himself, he's been working on a good scenario for the past three years!

Other actors starring alongside Samer in the series are Ayman Ridha, Shukran Murtaja, Samia Al Jazairi and Taj Haidar.

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