Tamer Hosny, Legend of the Century!


Big Apple Music Awards Foundation named Egyptian singer, Tamer Hosny, the Legend of the Century, what a title, Kudos to him! The event organizers invited Tamer in an official letter asking him to join the stars as they celebrate and attend the Big Apple Music Awards and walk the red carpet, and participate in all the events, such as Ceremony and VIP reception. Hes a lucky guy!

This event will take place on May 16h at the Kupferberg Center and Tamer is expected to be there earlier, on May 15th for the rehearsal. This is a huge event that includes singers, producers, musicians, and dancers.

This is a huge deal for the singer, this event is international and he gets to meet many famous stars, hopefully hell collaborate with one of these stars.

Congratulations Tamer you deserve it because you work hard!

Here is a photo of the invitation that Tamer received:

Tamer Hosny invitation

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