What Carole Samaha Really Thinks of Elissa

Carole Samaha

I guess there's real rivalry ... or is it jealousy! among Lebanese singers and they're not "hush hush" when it comes to their opinion of each other's songs and albums!
Carole Samaha gave a bold opinion on Elissa’s new album “Tisadaa Bi Min” saying that Elissa sings unrealistic fairy tales that concentrate only a happiness. Carole continued to say that Elissa only sings about romance and dreamy love stories, where the lovers go through problems and then the story ends as usual, with a surprising happy ending.

On the other hand, when Carole was asked what kind of songs she sings, she explained that her songs are very realistic, they talk about strength, challenge and a woman’s ego even at vulnerable times. She also sings about romance but a more believable romance.

In her turn, Elissa refused to comment on Carole’s opinion, saying that she will not talk about her colleague's work or even try to hurt her own career because most of the singer’s opinions don’t come from a professional state of mind, they only come from jealousy!

I guess Carole is just angry that her new album didn’t reach the top 1 spot in sales!
What do you think? Do you agree with Carole's opinion? Or is she off track?

By Nina

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