Nicole Saba & Youssef El Khal in Love!

Nicole Saba

Nicole Saba has finally admitted that she and Lebanese actor and TV host Youssef El Khal are in love.
Nicole, who has been in Egypt for a while because of work, revealed that distance has never come between her and Youssef.
This news puts all rumors to sleep and verifies that the two are an item.

Although sources close to Nicole have said, many times before, that Nicole and Youssef are inseperable and always appear together at events, Nicole herself has never before commented on this issue.

Nicole is now working on an album due next summer. She just finished recording two Lebanese songs, the songs are called “El Hob El Mamnou” and “Maktoub.” These songs can be heard on the TV series “El Hob El Mamnou,” which Nicole stars in.

What do you guys think of this couple?
I Personally think they make an adorable couple!

By Nina

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