Joseph Attieh and Reem Ghazali Not Together Anymore

Joseph Attieh and Reem Ghazali

Joseph Attieh and Reem Ghazali never admitted to being in love even though when they were in Star Academy, it was obvious there is a spark and an undeniable chemistry between them.

During the war in Lebanon in 2006, Reem stayed in Lebanon and lived with Joseph and his family in Jbeil and last year Reem came from Jordan to celebrate Joseph’s birthday in Beirut, however she didn’t show up recently to celebrate Joseph’s “Mawhoum موهوم” album release!

In a recent interview Joseph was asked if he and Reem are still together, he replied saying I’m busy with my music and album, so indirectly we understood that the two aren't together anymore and Joseph obviously didn’t want to discuss it.

It’s sad to see that the two split!

By Nina

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