Elissa’s Album Remains No.1

Elissa number 1

All the hard work that Elissa put into her “Tsadaq Bmein” album has finally paid off because her album is right on the top spot and it seems like it’s staying there for some time. And you know what? Her album has been selling like crazy since more than 12 weeks ago, which means Elissa’s album has been the #1 album for 3 months and that’s according to Virgin Records. It’s awesome right?

Before Elissa’s album came out, Carole Smaha’s album was in the number one spot, but the second Elissa’s new album came out, Carol’s album started making fewer sales... Rotana also released Assi El Halani’s album but it never reached the top! Joseph Attieh’s new album “Mawhoum” reached #2 and then slipped down to the third spot. Why? It’s because of Elissa’s album that he couldn’t reach number 1!

Nancy has a new album coming out soon. Think she will do better than Elissa?

Congrats Elissa! Did you buy her album? What can you say about her songs?

By Nina

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