Joseph Attieh Celebrates the Birth of His Debut Album

Joseph Attieh Mawhoum

The talented Star Academy 3 winner, Joseph Attieh, has a new album out now called “Mawhoum”.
It has taken Joseph 2 years of hard work to make this dream come true.
The celebration of launching the album took place in downtown Beirut with the attendance of many singers, publicists and media outlets.

Photos of Joseph new album

Photos Joseph new album

The celebration began with a press conference followed by a dinner banquet.
Joseph sang all songs from his new album, which is produced by Star System and distributed by Melody.

Joseph’s songs are amazing because he doesn't concentrate on one type, he sings all kinds of songs and that shows how talented and successful he is.
The album cover looks great.
As for the photos inside the album, they're inspired from the movie Sin City. They were taken by Roger Moukarzel and the designer of these pictures is Chadi Khadoum.

Allow me to say that the pictures look good because Joseph is in them! wink wink!

Have you listened to "Mawhoum"? What do you think?
Have you seen the "Mawhoum" video clip? Did you like it?

By Nina

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