Yasmine El Jilani Is Still Single

Yasmine El Jilani

Actress Yasmine El Jilani denied reports that she got secretly married to an Arab prince and has decided to leave acting behind her. She doesn’t even know where this rumor came from!
She was shocked after these rumors started to get out because she said she wouldn’t hide such a thing from the media no matter who she was getting married to.
Yasmine added: “Once I plan on getting married, don’t worry I will announce it”.

Yasmine is always being targeted by rumors of marriage, especially because she’s always under the radar and isn’t seen much at events, festivals and media parties.
The actress is currently preparing for a new movie with producer Mohammad El Adel. Yasmine didn’t give more details about this since this project is still in the making. Her last series “Warakat Toot” was broadcast last Ramadan. Did you guys see it?

On a scale from 1 to 10, how good an actress is Yasmine? (1 being really really bad and 10 being fantabulous)

By Nina

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