Dina Hayek’s Mnebaa Ouchaa

A Shot from Dina Hayek New Video

Did you guys see Dina Hayek’s new video clip for the song ”Mnebaa Ouchaa”? I loved both the song and the clip, Dina has a very nice voice and this song is a romantic one and I love romantic songs. The song talks about how couples fight and should not break up even if they fight.

Dina’s dress and make up were great in this video and I loved her hair, it looked good. It was good to see that the video matched the song. I wish that happens more often with other singers and clips. I also liked Dina’s older song “El Amar Bi Zatou,” but didn’t like the video clip because it made no sense at all.

Photos from Dina Hayek Mnebaa Ouchaa Video Clip

Photos Dina Hayek Mnebaa Ouchaa Music Video

Dina, I think, is the kind of celebrity that’s a low key one because she is not always in the spotlight like others. I think she likes being a private person and that is good for a change.

Let me know what you guys think of her and her new video.

By Nina

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