Ramy Ayach Engaged!

Ramy Ayach with Cerine Abou Zein

Well ladies, Iím writing this article with sadness, didnít we all think we stand a chance :)? Ramy Ayach and Cerine Abou Zein had an engagement party at the brideís house; the party was very small and only the parents of the two love birds attended.

Photos from Ramy Ayach Engagement

Photos Ramy Ayach Engagement party with family

Rumor has it that Ramy got his bride a very expensive gift for the engagement but no one is saying exactly how much it costs. Ramy surprised everyone with this engagement although I wonder why? Since in almost every interview, he says that he wants to settle down and have a small family! Single guys donít usually talk like that, so from here you can tell that Ramy had something going on!

For the first time the media wasnít all up in Ramyís business, the singer even posted the pictures by himself! Ramyís and Cerineís families like to live in their own private world and not under the media microscopes and I do respect that.

By Nina

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