Menna Fadali, Actress or Singer?

Menna Fadali

Egyptian actress Menna Fadali has a talent for being in front of the camera and is good at role playing, but does she have a hidden talent for singing?
It seems she's convinced that she does, while everyone else isn't!
Menna surprised her family and friends and fans with the release of her debut album and her very first song "Masria Ana" -I am Egyptian-.

The song received more negative feedback than positive and critics are asking ... maybe pleading even, with Menna to stick to acting!
This difference in opinion even got in the way of her personal relationship with her fiance, who backed her up at first, then changed his mind!
The two broke up and are no longer engaged! Ouch!

What do you think?
Should Menna venture into the music business, or should she just stick to what she's good at?

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