Carole Samaha Scores with 'Khalik Bi Halak'

Carole Samaha Hdoudi Essama Album Cover

What do you think of Carole Samaha's latest album and the songs it contains?
If you like them, then you'd be happy to know that her album 'Hdoudi Essama' -Sky's The Limit- has won best & strongest album of 2009 in a poll conducted by radio station 'Syria Al Ghad'.
Her song 'Khalik Bi Halak' -Mind Your Own Business- also competed with many songs from popular Arab singers, and won the bet!

Did you know that it took Carole a whole year to convince Marwan Khouri to change the lyrics of the song 'Khalik Bi Halak' to become words spoken by a woman?!

I ask you again, what's your feedback on Carole's album and her song 'Khalik Bi Halak'?

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