Get Ready for a Unique Solar Eclipse Tomorrow!

Annular Eclipse

If you're not used to waking up early in the morning, try your best to get up real early tomorrow! If you do, you'll get a chance to witness a unique solar eclipse that is a pity to miss.
Tomorrow, the earth, moon and sun are going to totally align and because the moon is smaller in size than the sun, the sun will appear as a very bright ring surrounding the outline of the Moon.

It's not going to be a total eclipse, like the one that happened in July 2009, but an annular one, hence the sun appearing only as a ring around a black moon!

The lucky countries to wake up to an eclipse sunrise are Sudan, Libya and Tunisia.
Other countries in Africa, The Middle East and Asia will see it as only a partial eclipse.

Keep one thing in mind, don;t look straight at it or you'll hurt your eyes!

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