The Apocalypse isn't in 2012

2012 poster

Since the blockbuster movie 2012 hit theaters, people have been obsessed with the notion that the world might really come to an end in 2012!
Well, to put your worries to rest, sit back and enjoy life, because the end of the world isn't coming in 2012! It's just a myth that's based on the calender of the ancient people of the Maya civilization.
Kalam Nawaem on MBC welcomed a special guest last week, Dr. Bassem Sabra, who specializes in Space Physics, to rebuke the claims that The Apocalypse is only two years away!

According to Dr. Sabra and scientific research, the Mayan's were great astronomers, but that doesn't mean they have predicted the end of the world.
He also adds that the only danger facing the human kind is humans themselves!
With pollution and over population, disasters -which might mimic the end of the world- are bound to happen.
Global warming, climate change, floods, vast fires and much more are the result of the way humans have been taking advantage of nature over the years.

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