Amr Khaled in The Realm of Reality TV Shows


Have you heard of the latest reality TV show 'Mujadidun'?
It's not a talent show, it's not a match-making show, it's not a fashion show but it's an entertainment show with a message!
According to Islamic preacher Amr Khaled, he has ventured into the realm of entertainment shows and reality TV with his new show 'Mujadidun' to get a certain image of the Islamic youth across to the world.

Contestants of Mujadidun

16 young women and men from across the Arab world compete to finish tasks and tests given to them by Amr Khaled.
The tasks are related to important issues and problems facing the Arab society.
Each task is founded on a certain moral or religious commandment and the way each task is dealt with needs skills that would help any youth in her/his journey through life.
The contestants travel to Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan and England to complete the tasks.

There's just one point that caught my attention ... all the 8 young women participating wear head scarves ... why is there not one that isn't? Is it a coincidence or has Amr Khaled chosen not to include women with no head scarves in his show?

Have you heard of 'Mujadidun'?
What do you think of the idea behind the show?

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