The Moment of Truth: Arabic version

The Moment of Truth

Do you remember "The Moment of Truth", the popular game show that used to air on MBC4 a while ago ?

The idea of the show is simple and scandalous at the same time, the contestant would answer embarrassing and extremely personal questions to win.

However, winning here is not easy, the more questions you answer truthfully, the more money you win, but the more the questions get tougher, but keep in mind that tougher here means more embarrasing. REALLY embarrasing. All you need is to answer them all truthfully to win the prize of a whopping $500,000, but lie just once and you lose every penny you've won.

The contestant is joined with his family members and friends on the show who come to watch as the contestant confesses to everything.
As the contestant is hooked up to a lie-detector machine before the actual show, he answers the questions not knowing the results on the polygraph, but he is asked the same questions again on the real show and there is nothing to do to escape the question, no matter what the question is.

Well to get to the point, I read today in a magazine that MBC is secretly negotiating with Mahmoud Saad, the famous Egyptian TV presenter to make an Arabic version of the show. However, he hasn't finally agreed to present the show as he is still thinking about it.

Mahmoud Saad would be the presenter of the show and it will be shot in MBC studios in Beirut and the show would air every week.

Do you think he should agree to present such a controversial show?

By guest writer Salah

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