The First Arab Soap Opera Airs on MBC1


We're all familiar with the term Soap Opera, and most of us have tuned in to a couple like The Bold & The Beautiful, Kassandra, Anta Aw La Ahad and maybe Dallad and dynasty as well.
In the past couple of years, we've also gotten introduced to Turkish Soap Operas like Nour and Sanawat Al Daya3!
But why haven't we seen an Arabic Soap Opera yet? Well, it seems the time has come for that, because MBC1 is going to start airing the first Arab Khaliji Soap opera starting Dec. 19th.

The Soap Opera is entitled "Ayam Al Sarab" or Days of Mirage and it goes on for more that 150 episode! Which means it's going to air on MBC1 for a whopping 6 months!
What's different about each 1 hour episode of this series, is that each hour of events in the series, is an actual hour. So, the viewer will experience the actual event and it's progress hour by hour, throughout 6 months.

The story is that of the ever-so-growing conflict over money and power and how it effects lives and families.

The series stars Turki El Yousef, Wael Najem, Reem Abdallah and Ibrahim Al Zadjali and many, many more!
The series was shot in the Saudi capital Riyadh and the outdoor scenes were shot in Beirut.

What do you think? Will this first experience be a success?
Are you excited about a new Arab Soap Opera?
Will you be tuning in to watch and see how the story develops?
Will you be ready to commit to the series for 6 whole months?

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