Syrian Women are The Brightest & Most Beautiful

Sulaf Fawakherji Asma AlAssad Dima Bayaa

According to research done by Michigan University, Syrian women are the most clever in the world! Why? The answer simply lies in their food!
Syrian women rely in their diet on fresh produce, olive oil and walnuts, which are all super foods for the health and are uber good for the brain.
Other reasons for the Syrian woman's excellence is her education, her openness on the world and the equality between her and the Syrian man.

Another study done by the Starch Research Center in The UK, shows that Syrian women rank third in the Most Beautiful Women in the World list, after Hungarian and Polish women.
Why has the Syrian woman come third on the list? Because of her finesse, tenderness and shyness. She doesn't let anything come between her and her femininity!

Other features that make the Syrian woman stand out is her capability to follow fashion and her endless love for her family or husband.

What do you think of this?
Do you find these results accurate?
Don't other Arab women share the same qualities as the Syrian women?

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