Alia, Another Turkish Drama on MBC4

Alia new Turkish series

If you've still havent had enough of Turkish TV series, then you'll be happy to know that a new Turkish drama has started on MBC4, entitled 'Alia'.
Alia tells the story of a small family; father, mother and two kids.
It sheds light on the betraying husband, the resolution to get a divorce and that big mess that follows and how the kids end up suffering even more than the parents do!
It truly is a drama!

Photos from MBC new turkish drama Alia

Photos from Alia Turkish TV series

Alia and Mayar are married. They have two beautiful kids. Things aren't going as they should and Mayar is cheating on his beautiful wife with a younger chick!
Alia has had enough and decides to leave, taking her kids with her to her uncle's house in Istanbul.

Mayar won't let her go far, he follows her, catches up with her and manages to take her son away from her!
Alia's got a couple of problems to deal with now, she has to start a new life, find a new job, try and get her son back and all that in a society that doesn't really cut a divorced woman any slack!

You can watch Alia everyday on MBC4 at 8.00 pm GMT.
If you miss the week's episodes, then you can catch up on Friday at 11.00 am GMT.

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