Jad Choueri's Tri-city Honeymoon!

jad and model at disney

No No! He hasn't gotten married on anything! But Jad Choueri has finished shooting his latest music video for his song "Wala Awwal", which took him and a huge crew to three of the world's biggest cities; Paris, London and 'The Big Apple' New York.

Jad's approach seems to be a melow one this time around, with a romantic story of a newly wed couple on their honeymoon. (But we'll have to wait and actually watch the clip to decide!)

The shooting took about three weeks and must have cost a lot! Paris, London and New York are some of the most expensive cities in the world! Jad seems to also have made a stop by Disney Land!

"Wala Awwal" will be soon on Melody music channel.

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