The Mesmerizing Mostafa Zamani

Mostafa Zamani

Who is Mostafa Zamani that women love him so much? What charisma does he have that make them go weak in the knees?

Mostafa Zamani is the man who portrayed the leading role in the series Yousouf Payambar. This was his first attempt in the entertainment industry but surprisingly he did a great job! He cemented his position in the entertainment industry with this TV series. And of course, the ladies were captivated by his good looks!

Although he is a talented actor, his start in the entertainment industry started out on luck because out of 3000 people who auditioned for the role of Yousouf (Josep), he was the one who got picked.

Photos of Mostafa Zamani

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The funny thing is, after his shot to stardom he would walk on the street yet people failed to recognize him. They didnít recognize him in his natural look. He had to wear brown contact lenses over his natural green eyes and had to wear darker makeup for the role. Well, itís no wonder people didnít recognize him.

Mostafa was born in Iran but and currently living in Tehran. He has a degree in management and worked as an accountant before he got involved in the movie industry.

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