Nawal Al Zoghbi: Neither Married nor Divorced!

nawal al zoghbi

A single mother, with no kids.That's Nawal Al Zoghbi these days.
Nawal was recently a guest on the TV show Limaza with Toni Khalifeh, and discussed her marital life and divorce, along with her opinions on rival singers.

The show was quite interesting, for it was the first time for Nawal to speak up about her personal life. Nawal refused to insult her husband, or accuse him of adultery or any such thing, for he is still the father of their kids, as she put it.
She later denied the accusations of her husband that she was in a suspicious private party in Egypt, explaining that her daughter Tia proves that what he said was a lie.

The episode reached a very emotional level when Toni asked Nawal about the last time she cried, Nawal answered that it was when she was with her daughter, and told her that she loves her. Toni continued and asked about what her daughter responded. Nawal tried to remember, and said: "she said she loves me too" and burst into tears live on air.

Nawal refused to reveal the reason of her divorce, instead, she said that it is a red line that she can not cross, so that she protects the image of herself and her kids, since he's still the father of her children. She added: "my kids have constantly asked me to get back with their father, but I made a choice and I wont change it, especially that this has been on my mind for 6 years now."

The Lebanese star also revealed that she's not divorced yet, and the official decision is still with the court, and it should be out before a year, stating that the most important thing on her mind now is the custody of her kids, and that she would feel broken if she doesn't get it.

She also suspected if her husband, Elie Deeb, ever loved her, because of the accusations he made recently, refusing at the same time to accuse him of marrying her for fame or using her stardom.

Zoghbi also mentioned that all her savings and possessions are under her husband's name, stressing that she does not want any of that, but only the custody of her 3 children, who are worth all the money in the world. What's worth mentioning is that she denied paying monthly checks to reporters or magazines to stop attacking her. Instead, Nawal confessed that she does give the reporters "symbolic payments" she said: "there are no monthly payments, but we appreciate the value of the person, and that's not wrong in my opinion".

Other than paying to reporters, Nawal denied buying awards, claiming that the love of the public is more important than any award, refusing at the same time to comment on Elissa's awards.

Surprisingly, Nawal spoke out on her plastic surgeries, and revealed that she had her nose done, and took some Botox shots, which she thinks is okay, since a woman should always be beautiful. She also mentioned that she does not regret having the surgeries, but would love to see some wrinkles on her face again.

About Elissa, Haifa, and Nancy:
At the end of the show, the presenter Toni Khalifeh asked the singer about her opinion on the trio Elissa-Haifa-Nancy. Nawal noted that Nancy visited her in her house and had lunch with her before becoming successful, but after her success, she never saw her again nor met her. About Elissa, Nawal stressed that she does not bear any grudge against her, although there are no relations between them, and she is not a friend nor an enemy. Unlike Elissa, Haifa is Nawal's friend, and she says that she loves her a lot, as
well as singers Najwa Karam, Diana Haddad and Ahlam.

Nawal also stated that she regrets the decision for the dispute with Asala, and blamed it all on the media.

Nawal denied that Nancy, Haifa, and Elissa swooped the rug from under her feet, saying: "if we say that they did take my place, then they also did do that with Wael Kfouri, Amr Diab, Ragheb Alama and George Wassouf, which is not true!"

Thanks to guest writer Harajly

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