The Real Deal About Nancy on Oprah

nancy ajram and others

We all have heard about Nancy Ajram being on the Oprah Winfrey show, but what is the real story behind all the rumors?

Three weeks ago, a producer from the Oprah show contacted Nancy fans requesting Nancy's manager phone number. After discussing the show with two Nancy fans who are in charge of her official Facebook page, they decided to contact Jiji Lamara to inform him about the program. The show is about Fame Around The World, and will feature stars from various countries. The staff of The Oprah Winfrey Show picked four Arabic stars, Nancy Ajram, Amr Diab, Haifa Wehbe and Ragheb Alamah. The producers of the show wanted to show Nancy's fame around the world, and not how she influences the Arab countries.

So, you are wondering now, what about the interview everyone is talking about?
There was NO interview in the first place because of the time limit of the show. They will feature more than 40 stars from around the world, they couldn't possibly fit in the time for Nancy to have an interview with Oprah, unless something in the program changes. But the producers of the show wanted to keep an open mind to possibly have an interview via Skype if anything is to change.

How did all of these rumors start?
After Jiji Lamara's interview with Amar magazine, the writer decided to twist his words and everything he said was interpreted differently by the Arab Media. Now it's time for an exclusive scoop for Waleg readers. The show was filmed yesterday (August 27th) and the program will air late September, as part of the new season of The Oprah Show.

By guest writer Majdn

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