Ramadan, The Month of TV?

abu mahjoob in Ramadan

For the past few years, days before the Holy month of Ramadan begins, TV channels start advertising their Ramadan schedule.
The grid contains religious programs and talk shows, but the majority of the grid is full of TV series, whether Egyptian, Syrian or Khaliji.
It has become a norm that Ramadan is the month of TV series and the champion is the person one who can fit in as many series as possible per day!
I know of a person who was bragging that she managed to watch 10 series during Ramadan! Kudos Wallah!

According to a survey I came across, there are 50 Egyptian series this year and tens of other Syrian and Khaliji ones.

What do you think?
Has this become a phenomena?
Is it appropriate that Ramadan has indeed become the month of TV?
What makes watching TV series in Ramadan more special that watching any other series during the rest of the year?

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