Turkish Drama: Yabanci Damat - Al Gharib

Yabanci Damat

Yabanci Damat is yet another popular Turkish TV series that's being broadcast on MBC+ these days.
Yabanci Damat translates into 'The Foreign Groom', or as it's been called in Arabic 'Al Gharib'.

I searched online for info on the series and decided to see the first episode because the plot that deals with the issue of intermarriages interested me and it hit me as I was just talking to my parents about intermarriages and they strongly disagree with it just like many Arabs do!

I am sure you can relate to the issue of intermarriages, which have become very popular these days and are becoming normal for some people, and in some countries.

The show starts off as Nadia, the beautiful girl that studied in a university in Ankara comes back to find that in the town of Gaziantep, where she grew up, the people have some growing up to do. The fact that she might become a working woman is an issue to them which upsets Nadia. Nadia also realizes after coming back that "born-to-be-her-groom" Samir, isn't the right guy for her, and that even after they grew up together in the town and everyone knew they were "the ones to be", she didn't like him anymore and she decides to call their engagement off.
Naturally, Nadia's dad doesn't accept that, and he insists that the only guy she's going to be marrying is Samir!

Nadia runs away to Bodrum, a port town separated from the Greek island of Kos by the Aegean sea. She meets Nikola, a Greek guy and they fall in love there.

Problems arise after that point because of the bitter history between Turkey and Greece. Their conservative families soon become rivals and grandparents on both sides start creating problems for the couple.
Nadia's former groom, and Niko's former girlfriend also try to ruin things between them.

Will Nikola and Nadia overcome all the challenges with their love?
Is there a chance of love between EVERYONE?
Will both countries have friendly relationships again because of that love story?

This love story strikes me in many ways! I am a sucker for "mushy lovey-dovey stories" with challenges along the way...

Are you watching the "Al Gharib"?

What do you think?


By Hala

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