Somaya El Khashab a Little Too Superstitious!

Somaya El Khashab new tv series

Rumor has it that during the shooting of Somaya’s latest series ‘Hadf il Bahr’ in one of the scene Somaya wore a very revealing night gown showing a little too much thus making the director and producer report her to the police ! Ridiculous isn’t it, who will believe such a rumor.

Anyway Somaya said that she was utterly shocked when she heard that rumor, she said her relationship with her whole cast is perfect and she is not that naïve and desperate to wear a revealing night gown just to look sexy. Somaya also said that all clothes she wears are set and given to her by the costume department.

Photos from Somaya new TV series Hadf il Bahr

Photos Somaya new TV series

But that’s not all apparently Somaya bought a goat and slaughtered it in the set to get rid of all envious eyes on her! Wow I guess fame is really bothering her.

‘hadf il bahr’ talks about two twin sisters both played by Somaya el Khashab , one of the twin sisters lives in Alexandria and is trying to succeed as a singer whilst the other is a doctor that is trying to fight corruption and both sisters don’t know each other.

By Mariam

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