Murex D'Or 2009 on LBC

Samira Sayed

The annual Murex D'Or Awards were LIVE last Friday.
The awards will air this Saturday on LBC.
Here is a full list of the winners:

The most popular Lebanese singer: Haifa Wehbe.
The best Arabic singer: Samira Sayed.
Best Lebanese singer: Yara.
Best of the Lebanese Artists: Ragheb Alama.
Best young male singer: Hossam Habib.
Best young female singer: Shatha Hassoun.

Best Lebanese song: "Betmoun" by Elissa. Words and music by Marwan Khoury.
Best national song: "Lebnan Ra7 Yrja3" by Joseph Attieh.
Best poet: Munir Bu Assaf.
Best Lebanese composer: Hisham Paul.

Best Arab television actress: Sulaf Fawakherji for her role in 'Asmahan'.
Best Arab television actor: Abed Fahd for his role in 'Asmahan'.
Best actor in a comedy: Mario Basile.

Best Arabic Actress: Sumaya Khashab.
Best Arabic Actor: Khaled Nabawi.
Best scriptwriter: Tony Chamoun.
Top Videos: Walid Nassif for "Betmoun" by Elisa, Joe Bo Eid for "Enta Menni" by Yara.

Photos from Murex D'Or Awards 2009

Thanks to Haifa Fan Club for the news tip.

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