The Real Age of Your Favorite Stars!

the real age of the stars

Nothing can be kept a secret, especially ones age!
I sometimes wonder, and I guess you do too, about the real age of some of our favorite stars ... like Haifa Wehbe for example! No one seems to know exactly what year she's born!

Election lists are the real deal! they have the real names, real ages and other personal info about everyone!
During the last elections in Lebanon, these lists revealed some interesting info on stars like Elissa, Ragheb Alamah, Haifa Wehbe and Wael Kfouri along with others.

I'll give you a little glimpse of what was revealed. I'll jot down the claimed year of birth (on Wikipedia) then the real thing.

Elissa Khouri: 1972 --- 1971
Najwa Karam: 1966 --- 1964
Nawal Zoghbi: 1972 --- 1971
Pascal Mashaalani: 1964 --- 1967
Ragheb Alamah: 1969 --- 1962
Melhem Barakat: 1944 --- 1941

Other stars weren't lying about their age ... surprisingly, Haifa Wehbe is actually born in 1967, but the interesting fact is she hasn't voted in 5 years!

Wael Kfouri's age isn't an issue. He was born in 1974, making him 35 years old. But his name isn't Wael! His real name is Michel Emile Kfouri. Did you know that?

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