Wael Jassar Releases New Album

wael jassar releases new album

Lebanese singer, Wael Jassar, released his latest album 'Tew3edini'.
The release was held in an event at Nas w Nas café, which is owned by Sawt Al Ghad radio station.

The album contains songs which will appeal to a wide range of listeners and this is what Jassar has been working hard on; to satisfy the different tastes of music lovers across the Arab world.

During the event, which was attended by a huge number of his fans, he signed copies of his new album and entertained the attendees with songs from the album like 'Tew3edni Leh' and 'Ghariba Ennas' and he also performed an oldie which is considered a classic 'Baddi Shoufak Kil Yawm' by Mohammad Jamal.

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