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yagmur zamani

If you're a TV addict, and you like Turkish TV series, then you've surely heard of the Turkish drama Yagmur Zamani or Mawsem Al Matar or Rain Season!
The series airs every day on AlRai TV.

The story is about Furat, a wealthy business man with a short temper! His wife died leaving him four kids to raise.
And on the other hand, we have Aylul, a polite young lady who grew up in a orphanage and to the contrary of Furat, she has lots of patience and has a very calm temper.
Furat hires Aylul as a nanny and the story goes on from there.

Photos from Yagmur Zamani Turkish TV Series

Photos Yagmur Zamani

Have you watched this series?
What do you think of it?
Is it as good as Noor? Or is it boring?

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