Kasr El Hob, A New Turkish Drama

kasr el hob on mbc

Turkish drama seems to be all the rage nowadays!
Several TV channels are broadcasting Turkish series and once one has ended, the second usually follows within a couple of days!

In addition to Mirna & Khalil on MBC, there's another series that seems to be getting a lot of viewers; Kasr El Hob.

The series is about two people, Sulaiman the wealthy businessman and Manar, the sensitive artist who comes from a simple family.
The two meet in New York, fall in love and get married.
They move back to Turkey and decide to settle down in the families mansion in Antalya.
And the story goes on from there following their everyday life.

Are you tuning in to MBC4 to watch Kasr El Hob?
If yes, what do you think?

- Kasr El Hob Sad Turn of Events

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