A Turkish Winter Story on MBC 1

kissat shitaa

If you're still hooked to Turkish TV series, then you'll be happy to know that a new one is about to begin on MBC1!
On Saturday, March 7th, the series called 'Kissat Shitaa' - A Winter Story - starts.

The story is that of the always present conflict between love and traditions.
We meet Ali, a dedicated teacher who decides to found a school in one of the far away villages and falls in love with the Agha's daughter, Nizar.

You can guess that this relationship won't be an easy one, because Nizar's father wants to marry her off to the son of another rich Agha! He won't have her go off and marry a poor teacher, could he!?

Both Ali and Nizar fight to keep their love going and the hearts of the villagers will keep them warm in the cold and harsh winter!

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