WALEG is 5 Years Old Today!

WALEG is 5 years today

Today, 3rd of February, marks the 5th anniversary of WALEG!
Although 5 years may not seem like a long time, it has been full of hardship and difficulties, but WALEG came through and we have our fingers crossed for more to come and many more happy years on the net.
WALEG has come a long way with over a whopping and very interesting 15,000 articles and posts!
As for your comments, you've been busy and contributed with a huge 124,908 comments! That's until this moment! That's great!
WALEG has also an average of 2 million page views a month!
So, a bunch of thanks to our loyal friends and readers who pass by everyday.

I cannot leave out that, in 5 years we managed to cover 5 crazy seasons of Star Academy, which is what got us started in the first place!
We're hoping for another successful year of StarAc coverage and lots of participation from our dear StarAc fans!

Among the other things we've covered throughout the past 5 years are Mission Fashion, Future Super Star, American Idol and many other TV related stuff.
We've also tried our best to cover music videos and singers news!

One of the most things I, Hana, have covered and enjoyed covering is Celebrities news.
I can't go through my day without the daily dose of celebrity gossip! I hope you had fun reading those posts too!

As for the rest of WALEG, which covers the latest Style, Tech & Gadgets and more, we tried to bring you the latest and most daring that would keep you on top of the trends.

We'd like to hear your thoughts about WALEG, maybe there are some new things you'd like to see and read about here, please let us know. Your thoughts count and they sure will help us grow to your liking!

Hope it's been just as fun for you and we hope this will last for a very long time.
Cheers and Happy Days!

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