Nancy Ajram Shifts Back in Time!

nancy ajram new music video

Nancy Ajram's latest collaboration is with Lebanese director Leila Kanaan.
Nancy and Leila team up for the first time for Nancy's latest music video of her song 'Lamset Eid' -Touch of a hand-.
The clip is set in times of war, from her hairstyle it's sometime in the 40's, where Nancy is a working girl at a nightclub.
She's in love with this guy and takes us down memory lane of past moments with him.

Photos from Nancy Lamset Eid Video

Nancy Ajram Lamset Eid Video clip photos

Leila Kanaan manages to bring out the actress in Nancy in many instances that need a lot of talent. She brings out emotions and feelings that are needed to make the story as real as possible.

The clip was shot in Lebanon, in Alia and Adma, over the span of two days.
As for the guy who plays Nancy's love interest, he's a German model, who came from New York especially to star with Nancy in the clip.
'Lamset Eid' will be released just in time for Valentine's Day!

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